Networking Technology Helps the Development of Home Monitoring System

Have you ever imaged that using the phone or computer to check the safety of your house when you are outside? When things are stolen by the thief at an empty house, the automatic signal will be sent to community monitoring center and the phone of proprietor. Some surveys show that the safety demand of people is increasing with the busy life at the present time. The individual safety demand must drive the development of home monitoring and control system, because the video monitoring system always plays an important role in protecting the safety of people. The individual demand of safety will become the new emerging market of the video monitoring application, which will increase in the future years.

The convenience and the low price of the remote control and monitoring system give larger space for the development of this device. The device is able to offer the user cheap solutions through different kinds of technologies, such as the network communication technology, post-processing technology and the transmitting technology. The home control and monitoring systems is different from the industrial ones, which is more suitable for the residential market. The device has been out of the limitation of the broadband, which can be used through the personal computer or cell phone.

The development of 3G network will bring new possibilities to the video monitoring industry. The survey of the 3G technology shows that 17.79% of the subjects choose the dialogue of 3G network; 4.91% of subjects choose the 3G monitoring technology; 5.52% of people choose the intelligent control and safeguard system. Compared with the computer, the portability of the cell phone is more convenient in the monitoring system. The quality of the image will be greatly improved with the help of wireless broadband, if the 3G technology is used. What is more, the 3G technology will make the phone monitoring become the mainstream.

Although the related technologies are just the beginning, the home control and monitoring system will have broad marketing space and developing prospect. The popularization of this device will change the life of people.

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