How to Make Your Website Distinct From the Crowd

There are about more than 5 billion websites on the internet. So, to get your website noticed it must have really distinct features so that it can catch the attention of the visitor and increase their concentration time on your website. It should also have repeat value, so that the visitor keeps on coming back to your website. Add to it, the fact, that your website is your Online Corporate Salesman which represents your company, your business, products and services. It also speaks volumes about your corporate principles & ideologies.

Your online identity – that is your website is the most important of your business and the importance of having a qualified professional web designer to design website cannot be emphasised less. Before you finalise a web designer, who will the design website of your company, the following points should be given the due attention & focus; A clear understanding of the purpose of gaving a website should be there. You should also understand the functions that your website should perform. you should consider the following points below;

1. Website’s Purpose You should have a clear idea of that the website should do for you, should it be just an online catalog, or it should generate business inquiries for you, or it shuold aid in automating some of the business processes.

2. Budget Perhaps, this is the cost binding factors of all. Websites come in all range of prices, the more number of features — more the prices. So, you should be willing to spend on your website if you need a creative website and not just run of the mill product. There are various costs involved like, Domain Registration [annual cost] Web Hosting Cost [annual cost] Web Designing Cost Website maintenance cost.

3. Time If you think that you can just brief your web designer about the site to be made and he will do it for you — you are part right & part wrong. Yes, the web designer will design a website based on your brief but that will all copy-paste content from some other websites. You will need to devote time towards the devlopment of your website and study each factor, product, link & information on the website in detail, because nobody knows your business as well as you. 4. Visualize the website While designing a website through any web designer, you should not be in the dark. You shuold be clearly knowing which design are you going to get, how many pages will be included and when will the website be finally completed & launched. That is to say that the web designing project should be clearly defined. 5. Refer other websites You will also need to refer the other websites in your industry and those of your competitors as well, that will give you a correct idea of how your website should look. If you develop a website considering the above factors, than your website will stand out from the crowd and will be a distinct one. Web Design Temple creates unique creative websites, using the latest technologies and at reasonable prices.

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