What Is Ss7 Protocol

This article focuses on the SS7 protocol, which is sometimes used between SMS Centers in the core GSM network. It helps you understand the main concepts and its field of applications. Finally, you will find a collection of SS7 specifications with some explanation.

SS7 is a global standard protocol for signaling between SMSC that was developed in 1980 by the International Telecommunication Unions Telecommunication Standardization Sector (ITU-T). Its full name is Common Channel Signaling System no. 7 (abbreviated as CCSS7, C7 or SS7).

SS7 is the signaling protocol used between SMSCs in the core GSM network. It can carry SMS messages using the SS7/MAP protocol. SS7 works through ISDN lines or through IP (Internet Protocol). The IP version is not as widely used as the ISDN version. The IP version of SS7 is called SIGTRAN.

Tech Business Concerns Hire Competent iphone Developers

Consider these amazing statistics from Business Insider: Three years ago, 100,000 apps became available. This development followed Apples launching of the iPhone App Store. The online distribution system for iPhones and iPads generated an aggregate of more than 2 billion downloads. App Store could be one of the most significant creations of Apple.

The Next Step: Hire iphone developers

A lot of practical business owners have been motivated to join the iphone apps enterprise. All of a sudden, developing apps has become a vogue, a very lucrative one at that. The succeeding move is to hire iphone developers. These creative techies should have the passion and forethought along with a thorough knowledge about the exceptional platform of Apple. Programs should be persuasive, to the extent of being forceful, and offer an interactive experience for insightful clients.
However, before you begin your pursuit for a seasoned developer, it is important to look for developers who are well-versed in related programs and software. This is what makes them capable of producing remarkable applications for users. Developers must be very familiar with Mac applications which are analogous to iphone apps. Clear-cut programming ability is imperative. It is mandatory for them to acquire a full understanding of Objective C primary languages and the object-focused API for the Mac operating system called COCOA. These form the foundation of all mobile applications. Reliable iphone developers are also proficient in communications. These experts must be capable of producing output promptly and maintain harmonious relations with clients.

The Competition In The Cell Phone Market Between Iphone And Android

The competition in the cell phone market between iPhone and Android leads to an endless conjecture of the cell phones industry.

According to the China National Radio Broadcasting Network Beijing time on August 7th, it was reported by the ” Evening Peak News ” of Voice of China at17:33 pm that recently, the competition in the cell phone market between iPhone and Android had led to an endless conjecture of the cell phones industry .

At first, “The Wall Street Journal” reported the data that comes from a market research firm, in the first half of 2010, the sales volume ratio of cell phone users who selected the new smartphone with Android system to the total sales vloum of smartphone in the U.S. was 27%, while the sales volume of Apple iPhone cell phone accounted for only 23%.

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In modern times, technological innovation plays a major role. Continuous up-gradation of technology is must for mobile phones. Modern phones are capable to meet vast number of phone users’ needs. All features, be it a camera, Bluetooth connectivity, a huge storage space, music and video playback. Connectivity is a very important for mobile phones. As such, 3G technology comes with more developed and high-tech connectivity features.

Most mobile handsets in modern communication world are 2G technology based. GSM ie ‘Global System for Mobile’ Communication comes under this. The 2.5G and 2.75G are some other standards which other handsets use. Successive generations are blessed with faster speed data transfer systems than previous ones. In order to maintain different standards, with features like downloading ringtones, the mobile web, picture messaging etc, the technology has got so many changes. They got enhanced upto larger extent. And, this is benefiting modern phone users by making several transfer tasks simple and easier.

3G Mobile Technology has made great efforts towards speed of data transfer fro mobile phone users. This is the reason why 3G mobile phones are getting huge appreciation all over. And, due to rise in demand, mobile networks is bucking up and facilitating the process of data transfer with faster rates. 3G phones are actually masterpiece of time and smart innovation. A video calling is the most latest feature which can be seen with 3G devices.

Nokia 500 Mobile Phone Fresh Initiative In The Fielf Of Mobile Smartness

The revolution in the field of telecommunication has taken over the world as a storm. All the mobile companies, new and old were brought out of their comfort zone because of this technological revolution and were force to give highest possible quality in the smart phone which they launch. The monopoly in this market was totally broken. Even Nokia which is an old and trustworthy brand is now in tight competition with majority of the mobile manufacturers in the present market. But the old brand name is in its benefit. And to stabilize this brand name and the high quality which Nokia has gives for years together, Nokia came up with a new android smart phone in the market Nokia 500 Sim Free Mobile Phone.

Nokia 500 Sim Free Mobile Phone is considered to be the most unique and intelligent phone available around. You will love to hold this mobile in your hand because of its classy dimension of 111.3 x 53.8 x 14.1 mm and brilliant slim body. 360 x 640 pixels display is provided by 3.2 inches TFT capacitive touch screen which makes pictures and viewing all the more pleasing to the eye. The inner working system is of 1 GHz Symbian Anna operating system and 256 MB RAM with the help of which you can enjoy various Android features, applications and other functions of the mobile. The in-built memory of 2 GB is considerably high with respect to other available smart phones. 32 GB with micro SD helps to extend this memory externally. 5 MP camera gives perfectly crystal clear picture and high definition video clarity.
With Nokia 500 you can enjoy varieties of different applications and features which will make many of your work easy and moreover you can stay connected with your friends and families via various social net working sites and web browsing. Additional feature Flash Lite 4.0 can make you use Flash Player and gives better music experience. One can easily stream videos and GPS navigation is made possible too through the phone. One can put ones phone on the power saving mode and save on critical battery life. Nokia 500 Price will be an investment you will be making and that too a smart one.